Oddfellow’s Casino have been quietly releasing albums since 2002. We hail from the misty mountains of Sussex and are an ensemble whose music and live performances centre around forgotten corners of England, landscapes, ghosts, death and an old Victorian freakshow from which the band takes its name.

Prior to my role as singer-songwriter with Oddfellow's I recorded an album in New York with cult producer Kramer (Shimmy Disc), and have also collaborated with Grasscut (Ninja Tune), Steve Lewis from Fujiya & Miyagi and Sarah Angliss, for her 2017 album Ealing Feeder. 

Oddfellow's are signed to Microcultures in France and At The Helm Records in the UK, with whom we have released The Water Between Us, Dust and Oh, Sealand. 





ALBUMS 2002-2018

Press & reviews

A haunting and melodically beautiful album, peopled by ghosts and aliens.
— Sunday Times
Full of restrained anthems that mix the sensitivity of Sufjan Stevens with the big hearted warmth and soft harmonies of Elbow.
— Uncut Magazine
Firmly out of sync with current trends, being instead a delicate pastoral exploration of the countryside, coloured with brass and sweet vocals reminiscent of Soft Machine-era Robert Wyatt. Notes linger. Tunes ache. Lyrics tease, like a cornucopia of found sound and jumble sale psychedelia.
— Everett True, Plan B
— Cerys Matthews 6Music