The Odditorium is a popular fortnightly podcast featuring different guest speakers who share their passions for an eclectic array of subjects. It is hosted by me and my ill-prepared sidekick, Mr Mounfield, best known as Geoffrey from Radio 4's Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show. Guest speakers have included Alan Moore, Bunny Suicides' Andy Riley, John Higgs, Daisy Campbell (daughter of Ken Campbell), Dr. Rupert Sheldrake and Sarah Angliss. The Odditorium also runs as a live event at Brighton Festival and Wilderness Festival.

Top Ten for Arts and Culture 2015
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Top 50 essential podcasts 2016
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A taste for genius matched by eccentricity
— Bella Todd, The Guardian


These 15-minute podcasts are a joy to make and feature some of my favourite people in nature writing, psychogeography and music, including Tristan Gooley (How to Read Water), Dixe Wills (Tiny Islands), Hugh Warwick (A Prickly Affair), folk singer Sam Lee and QI co-creator John Mitchinson. Also popping up occasionally is John Shuttleworth, to share some little-known canal facts– provided his next-door neighbour Ken Worthington doesn’t interrupt, that is. 


A 4-part psychogeographical adventure, uncovering little-known corners of Britain’s history and culture by travelling along one of the first lines on our map. It is presented by myself and author John Higgs and features talks, poetry, music performances and conversations with such guests as Iain Sinclair, Alan Moore, Salena Godden, Cerys Matthews, Andy Miller, CJ Stone and Miranda Kane. John and I travel from Canterbury to London; Northampton to Anglesey. Along the way we discover Milton Keynes to have been built as a sun temple; that London's oldest relic has its own Twitter account; that dragons have been unfairly maligned in British myths and that Alan Moore lives in the centre of the universe.  

This podcast is funded by ACE.