“An exceptional storyteller who weaves the truth about a strange inheritance into a hypnotic tale of obsession.”

“Bramwell clearly has an eye for the oddball and arcane.”


"If you thought that nothing about Brighton could surprise you, think again."


Uniquely presented through memoir, essay and ephemera, The Haunted Moustache is the fantastical and 83% true story of a unique inheritance: a century-old moustache. Receiving this curio from an eccentric aunt, David Bramwell embarks on a ten-year journey to discover all he can about its former owner Ambrose Oddfellow. His quest draws him into the underbelly of Brighton – its séances, spiritual churches and a seedy basement club - where he unwittingly becomes the host of a modern-day freak show. Beginning to believe that his hairy heirloom is possessed, Bramwell joins a cult, dabbles with mind-altering psychedelics and comes close to being murdered. Has the city, his strange inheritance or just plain lunacy got him in its grip? And who is the mysterious Drako, a former Dali model who appears to be somehow linked to his prized possession? Against a backdrop of occultism and caravan parks, The Haunted Moustache is a supernatural coming-of-age story, an exploration into the nature of reality and an affectionate portrayal of England's rich counterculture. 
The Haunted Moustache began as an award-winning one-man show and was later dramatised by BBC Radio 3, winning a Sony Silver Award for 'best feature'. You can listen to the whole program on the radio section of the website.