The No.9 BUS TO UTOPIA short films


"A remarkable storyteller" (Radio Times)

"As compassionate as it is funny" (Tim Smit, Eden Project)

"Full of wit, wisdom and pathos" (Tom Hodgkinson, The Idler)


Following the success of The No9 Bus to Utopia as a TED talk, live show, Radio 3 documentary and book (Unbound/Penguin Random House), performer David Bramwell brings his own brand of humour and passion to YouTube, to explore the history and philosophy of the world's most extraordinary communities. 

David's five short films reveal the fascinating stories behind an anarchist commune in Denmark, a spiritual caravan park in Scotland, an S&M kingdom in the Czech Republic and Damanhur in Italy, complete with secret underground temples, singing plants and a fully-functioning time machine. 

Watch Episode One: Damanhur on YouTube now... 

Presented by David Bramwell, directed by Jo Keeling, filmed and editied by Dan Burke

The Story

When a long-term girlfriend walked out, citing his ‘selfishness’ as the reason, David Bramwell knew he had to change.  He had read about some extraordinary communities of people who live outside conventional society. Could they teach him about giving? Had they found a better way to live in the modern world? He set out on a year long quest to find out and aimed to spend a month with the residents, learning about their way of life, whatever it entailed – free love, time travel, anarchy, naked bathing, dressing in tie-dye. He didn’t always last but was hugely inspired by his adventures and returned intent on creating a 'quiet revolution' in his home town of Brighton...

About David

Dr Bramwell is a Sony-award winning radio presenter for BBC Radio 3, creator of the Cheeky Guides book series and co-host of The Odditorium podcast. He has won 'Best Comedy' and 'Outstanding Theatre' Awards for his one-man shows,  given talks at and hosted TEDx events in the UK and curates the Odditorium Tent at Wilderness Festival. He is a doctor by rumour only and should be approached with caution if he offers to whip out your appendix for a packet of biscuits.